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4 Feb

On To The Next One

Hova with some good advice

Since I was deeply affected by the outcome of Super Bowl XLVII and might be suffering from a mild case of PTSD, a healthy way to get my thoughts across (or so I've heard) is by a free-flowing, unedited, journal/diary entry, which is as follows:

When the lights turned off and the Niners made the comeback, I seriously thought that God had intervened to give the Niners a chance to compose themselves. Because that was as close to an "Act of God" as you can get (in sports). The Niners coming back was one of the most spectacular things that I've ever seen in sports, but had they completed the comeback, that in my book qualifies as a bonafide miracle.

Ray Lewis should keep his personal beliefs to himself. When he says things like "when God is on your side, you can't lose," is he saying that God didn't want the Niners to win? I don't believe that. I'm just saying, everyone is entitled to their own personal religious beliefs, nothing wrong with that. However, not everyone believes in what Ray Lewis believes, so he shouldn't force it onto everyone.

While what Chris Culliver said was not PC per se, people in general need to chill out. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Colin Kaepernick was adopted, not because his biological mother/father couldn't take care of him, but because he was created in a laboratory.

When Kaepernick's experience meets his potential talent level, he might possibly become the best quarterback to ever play. More on this another day.

John Elway was the no. 1 overall draft pick of the Broncos. He lost 3 Super Bowl's before winning back-to-back at the end of his career. So, one Super Bowl loss does not a career make.

It is sad how much I am being affected by this right now. Because looking back on it, I went to their training camp back in August, and to think that I was attending the practice of a Super Bowl caliber team, which I didn't know at the time—it just all seems like a waste. To get this close. 

See these videos I took from last August:

Randy Moss. Where was the effort? That didn't look like championship-caliber effort to me. And especially after proclaiming yourself to be the "greatest receiver ever"? He didn't even attempt to grab at the ball on a lot of those passes that were thrown to him. It's like he didn't give a shit, kinda. An example of someone giving a shit was Crabtree. Even on that one play where both he and Moss were open, no matter if the ball was intended for Moss or not, Crabtree thought it was for him, and fully tried with all his might to get the ball. If we're going down, that's the kind of effort we all want to see. At least!

You cannot even call yourself a "die-hard" fan if you're going to talk shit about your own team. Like giving up on them too early.


Thank you to everyone that has been reading. I'm sure it will take a few days or weeks (hopefully not) to get over this loss, but I will still be keeping this blog updated with all the news from the Red and Gold.

"Get mad, then get over it."

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2 Feb

After Anti-Gay Comments, Chris Culliver Will Volunteer at LGBT Group

Amazing how a little slip of the tongue can get you into so much trouble.

Following his gay rant/apology, his PR guy, Theodore Palmer, said that 49ers CB Chris Culliver will be volunteering at "The Trevor Project", a LGBT group based in San Francisco.

Earlier this week, Culliver was asked about his opinion on having gay teammates, and his response caused a major controversy.

"I don't do the gay guys man. I don't do that," Culliver said.

Making matters worse, he continued, "No, we don't got no gay people on the team, they gotta get up out of here if they do."

Of course, the 49ers immediately released a statement criticizing Culliver's comments, and generally to calm everyone's tits.

"The San Francisco 49ers reject the comments that were made yesterday, and have addressed the matter with Chris. There is no place for discrimination within our organization at any level. We have and always will proudly support the LGBT community."

Although Culliver's comments were not P.C., per se, I can almost guarantee a lot of people feel the same way but just don't want to say it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, in my opinion.

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30 Jan

Former Niners' Offensive Lineman Beats Up Ex-Lover

How this story ever surfaced, I'll have no idea.

Two things were revealed about Kwame Harris, a "retired" NFL offensive lineman who played for the Niners for 4 seasons and one with the Raiders.

  1. He's gay.
  2. He's being charged with beating the living daylight out of an ex-boyfriend over some rice, soy sauce, and underwear.

As the story goes, Harris and his ex-boyfriend Dimitri Geier were eating at a Chinese restaurant when they got into an argument over soy sauce and rice. Apparently, Harris did not want soy sauce in the rice, but Geier put some in the rice anyway, which greatly angered Harris.

Harris, who was supposed to drop Geier off to the airport after their meal, demanded that Geier get his belongings and find his own ride. As they were leaving the restaurant, the argument got physical and Harris supposedly tried to pull down Geier's pants to "prove that he had stolen [Harris]' underwear."

Things got heated, and the 6-7 Kwame grabbed Geier by the shirt and proceeded to pound Geier's face so badly that he needed to undergo facial reconstruction surgery. Harris left, and Geier called a cab to drive him to the nearest hospital, where he needed a metal plate put into his face.

Kwame Harris, keep in mind, is an offensive lineman! He is listed at 6-7 and 322 lbs! I wasn't there, but if that large of a person is coming at you with malicious intent, i whole-heartedly believe that the ex-bf needed facial surgery.

Harris could go to prison for 7 years in convicted.

Something to note: a few NFL players have come out as gay after retiring, but no player has ever come out as gay while playing.

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27 Jan

SF Arrives in New Orleans Before Baltimore




Is Now.

23 Jan

Young Coach Harbaugh Emphasizes "The Asshole" In Coaching Clinic

"That [2nd] knuckle right there, on your finger, the pointer finger, should go squarely right in the middle of his asshole. Right in the middle of it. Find the asshole. That's where that knuckle goes."

Much to the amusement of the prospect quarterbacks at the University of San Diego, the young coach Jim Harbaugh makes a circle with his thumb and forefinger for effect, as he discusses the proper technique for taking snaps.

"Find the asshole," Harbaugh says.

A video has surfaced of Harbaugh teaching a quarterbacks clinic at San Diego, and it is interesting to say the least. The whole time I'm thinking, "It's crazy that this guy is going to be coaching in a Super Bowl."

In the clinic, Harbaugh says that the most important thing for a quarterback is - above all else - protect the ball. He emphasizes that every possession must end in a kick for your team, whether it is a field goal, extra point, kickoff, or punt. It just cannot end in a turnover.

"It's okay if you throw the ball away on third down! It's okay," Harbaugh implores. "Just don't give the other team the ball."

That sounds a lot like a certain number 11 if you ask me.

He also goes over throwing technique and drills with the prospects. The video is over an hour long, but the first 20 minutes is where the key stuff is. Watch it below:

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22 Jan

Jim Harbaugh: "David Akers is our kicker"


I mean, I'm glad he's having faith in his players and all, but when is enough, enough? Nothing personal on the guy, he seems like a really good dude, but man I am really, really, really hoping that the Super Bowl doesn't come down to David Akers having to make a field goal to win the game.

And even if Akers did have a surgery, which he did, the fact is that he's playing! If he's playing, he's good to go! And not like he has to run around a bunch, all he has to do is put the ball into the field goal! That's literally his sole purpose for being on the team and being paid what he's being paid.

If he can't do that, then pray tell, what is his purpose on the team?

Akers' only FG attempt in the NFCCG (a 30 something yarder) actually hit the top of the left upright and bounced out.

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20 Jan


Down 0-17. Away. Hostile Environment. Dome. Erased. Biggest NFC Championship Comeback. ATL Shut Out In 2nd Half. W, 28-24.

Next Stop, New Orleans. Harbowl.

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19 Jan

Michael Crabtree Accused of "Sexual Assault"

49ers WR Michael Crabtree is now involved in a scandal of his own. On Friday, the SF Chronicle reported that Crabtree was now involved in a sexual assault case. 

Allegedly, Crabtree assaulted a woman in a hotel the night after last weekend's victory over Green Bay. He was questioned by police (with his lawyer present), and is "fully cooperating" and made himself available for more investigation.

He has not been arrested, and will play in tomorrow's NFC Championship game unless something drastic happens.

Furthermore, Crabtree very nearly missed the team bus on the way to San Francisco International Airport yesterday. Just as the bus was pulling away from the facility, Crabtree came running up and the bus stopped for him to get on.

17 Jan

S.I. Curse?

After shredding the Packers enroute to a historic 181 rushing yards, CK7 earned the Sports Illustrated cover for the week.

Pretty cool, huh? Wait a minute. Last time a 49er was on the cover was exactly last year around this time, when Alex Smith got the cover when he beat the Saints in the most thrilling of fashions.

Guess what happened in the next game? Oh, right.
Bad for people who believe in superstitions. But, I don't. Not on this one, at least.

By the way, you guys should watch Silver Linings Playbook, some pretty good acting in there.

13 Jan

Amazing! Sensational!

Honestly, there are so many incoherent things running through my head about that game yesterday. So here are some thoughts:

  • Kaepernick's game has got to be one of the most dominant QB performances in recent history. He was close to 500 yards of offense on his own! Especially to regain his composure after throwing a pick six. I thought he was nervous for his first playoff action and thoughts of Alex Smith entering the game crossed my mind.
  • If fantasy football was still going on, CK would have pulled down 55 points by himself! If you're not familiar with fantasy, rushing yards and rushing TDs for a QB counts for a hell of a lot.
  • Is there a new term for Kaepernick's 'kissing his forearm' touchdown celebration? Is it called 'Kaepernicking'? Or how about 'Popping a Kaep'?
  • I think Michael Crabree is the only receiver that can catch Colin's passes at full speed.
  • After much thought, nothing would be better than to play another home game. If it has to be against the Seahawks, so be it. (Whoops, oh well)
  • I heard someone say "Discount Double Choke." Good one.
  • Additionally, I have nothing against Aaron Rodgers. Seems like a good guy. And he's from/went to school where I'm from.
  • I don't really want to play Brady in the SB. Not because I don't think the Niners can beat him, which I do. Reason being, I like Brady because he's from the Bay Area and was a Niners fan growing up, and he's lost too many times in the SB already. If he makes it against the Niners, of course I will be hoping he loses. But I don't really want him to lose again.
  • Kap can run a 4.43! He said it during an interview on FOX today at halftime of the ATL/SEA game.

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