Jacksonville Jaguars

11 Jul

Instead of doing Division previews I've decided instead to do individual team previews.  I will be posting them in reverse order from the team I have ranked #32 to team #1.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars still appear to be in rebuilding mode.  They are doing a decent job of acquiring some nice young pieces to assemble a competitive team for the near future.  There not looking for a quick fix, I think this Jaguar team will be in rebuilding mode for at least another three years or so. 

Offense -  The Jaguars offense begins and ends with one man, MJD.  Maurice Jones-Drew has been the only thing consistent in Jacksonville over the past few seasons.  Last season was not a good one for Jones-Drew, he only played in six games but did average 4.8 yards per game which is about normal for him.  He is in a contract year so I figure a bounce back season in in order for him, since he will want to obtain a big contract for next season.  After Jones-Drew the rest of the Jaguars offense is questionable.  We have a battle for the starting quarterback position between Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne.  I expect the Jags to open the season with Gabbert as there starter.  He is nothing spectacular by any means but I do believe he is a notch better that Henne.  This is definitely a weak spot for the Jags.  The receiving core is good, however I consider them questionable just because of the quarterbacks throwing the ball to them.  Justin Blackmon looks like he will be a top 20 receiver in the near future but he faces a four game suspension to start the season.  Cecil Shorts had an excellent season last year considering the shaky play of the Jags quarterbacks.  Mohamed Massaquoi and Jordan Shiply round out the top four receivers on the Jags but are nothing special.  Mercedes Lewis is a decent receiver at the tight end position but once again has nobody to get him the ball.  The Line is average.  Luke Joeckel was an excellent draft pick and will be a staple on the Jags line for years to come.  The Jags will transition to more of a zone blocking scheme, but not much depth here if an injury happens.  One Rookie who could stand out on this Jags offense is Denard Robinson.  Drafted in the fifth round from the University of Michigan where he played quarterback. The Jags have invented a new position for him to play called the offensive weapon.  there just looking for ways to get him on to the field as his speed could be deadly for any defense.  Don't be surprised if he ends up at quarterback sometime this season since the depth at the position is so scarce.

Defense - The defense is fairly weak.  A very shaky front four, the depth is there however not very good, they tried to shore up the middle by signing Roy Miller and Sen'Derrick Marks but I view them as more of a one year option until they can draft someone to play along side Tyson Alualu.  They had a very week Pass rush and did nothing to really address this problem and I expect the pas rush to be just as bad this season.  The linebackers, with the exception of Paul Posluszny they are horrible.  They did sign Geno Hayes but again I view him as more of a one year option untill they can draft someone to fill out the line backing core.  If this unit is to be anything decent the need Greg Jones to step up big time.  The secondary is just as bad as any unit here.  Derek Cox and Rashean Mathis left in free agency and only one starter remains from this unit last season.  They did sign Marcus Trufant who is not the player he used to be but his experience will help to groom the young players drafted to play in the secondary, Dwayne Gratz and Jonathan Cyprien who should start immediately.  Overall this defense as a whole needs a lot of work to become anything relevant.  Special teams may be the only positive thing on this Jags team.  Bryan Anger and Josh Scobee are a solid punter/kicker combo and I expect Robinson to be returning punts and kickoffs and he could be the NFL's next special teams star with his speed.

All in all i give the Jags a ranking of 32.  They have too much uncertanity at too many possitions to be relevant this year, and their draft picks were solid however they did not address as many needs in the draft as they should have.

NFL Division Previews

10 Jul

Over the course of the next week, I will be starting some NFL Division Previews, tomorrow I should have the first one posted.  

Cruz Signs with the Giants

09 Jul

What a relief for New York Giant fans.  Victor Cruz just signed a six year 45.879 million dollar contract.  A lot for a player who some may view as unproven in a sense.  Signed as an undrafted free agent out of UMASS,  I personally think he will thrive in New York this season, as will the entire Giants offense.

Cruz had a bit of a down year last season.  Personally I believe it to be attributed to the lack of production from the other side where Hakim Nicks plays.  Nicks is apparently healthy again this season and I think that a healthy Nicks will take a lot of pressure off of Cruz and open up the field for both of them.  The other man in all of this is Reuben Randall.  He is the Giants third receiver and I think he is ready to thrive along side Cruz and Nicks.  With these three on the field in three wide receiver sets and an emerging running back in David Wilson, the giants offense should be one of the tops in the NFC this season.  Eli Manning is the guy leading them on the field and while unspectacular at times I think his game management is good enough to bring them back a top the NFC East.

As for Victor Cruz, I think he will get back to his 2011 form where he played like a top tier wide receiver, back in 2011 his numbers definitely made him a top 15 receiver, if not a top 10.  He has good route running ability and great hands.  He has a lot to prove this season and I think we will prove he is legit.

I think the Giants have put themselves in a good position this season to succeed in an NFC East where no team has won back to back NFC East titles since Donovan McNabb was the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, which was quite a while ago.  I expect a lot from the Giants offense this season as I'm sure a lot of Giants fans expect the same.  But in a Division with so much turnaround from season to season, I ask "why can't this version of the Giants offense put them back on top of the NFC East"?

Brett Favre

08 Jul
Brett Favre after winning the Superbowl against the New England Patriots

I've had the pleasure of watching Brett Favre play every game of his career from his brief stint with the Atlanta Falcons, to becoming a Superbowl hero with the Green Bay Packers and then he spent the last few seasons of his career desperately trying to win another Superbowl with the New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings.

Recently the Green Bay Packers said they will retire Brett Favre's #4 before he enters The Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio in 2016.  He's one of the greatest, if not the greatest Quarterbacks to play the game.  If I'm to make that decision I would make plans to retire Mr. Favres number as soon as he officially announced his retirement.  But that is just my opinion on the matter.  I feel greatness should be honored as soon as you possibly can, I'm not quite sure why the packers are holding back on the matter.  Maybe they are afraid he will un-retire yet again.

But in all seriousness Brett Favre put the Green Bay Packers back on the football map, and made them once again relevant.  Took them to two Superbowl's, winning one and losing the other and I think they should look into retiring his number as early as next season.  Honor the man that made the Packers what they are today.  His toughness and love for the game is what made millions of football fans tune in every Sunday to watch him play.  Never afraid to take a hit, or make a throw he really shouldn't have made. He did what he had to do to put his team in a position to win.  He was very unselfish, something the majority of the players in the NFL lack today.  In a game all about numbers, the only one that mattered to him was the numbers in the win column.  


07 Jul

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to write a quick blurb to welcome everyone to my new blog.  I love football and writing so figured i would combine the two.  I will be writing posts from time to time and hope you all enjoy.